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When Castle is on its game, nothing is akin to it, with or without seven years of daily grind. It is different, so different that the television gods who determine the slots in which programs fit don’t really have a pigeonhole for this one. Good.

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Chad Michael Collins (Once Upon a Time, Last Resort) has booked a guest role on ABC's Castle. He'll be in the third episode of the season (slated to air Oct. 13). The episode was written by Chad and Dara Creasey.

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TV Guide says whatever happened to Castle, it won't end with amnesia. Plus, what viewers can expect when the show returns in the fall.

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Showrunner(s) David Amann and Andrew Marlowe open up on season seven's "new mythology" and what it means for the Castle and Beckett relationship in the wake of Castle's disappearance and the ramifications it holds for the couple as the season progresses.

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It's important to remember show history when thinking about the upcoming season. Getting pulled and sucked into the pre-season looks and teases often lead to disappointments because these new and bold directions peter out after a few episodes.